Gone Girl (2014)

May 24, 2022

The movie Gone Girl, released in 2014, is a drama and mystery thriller that makes for a perfect Friday night flick. Its picture rating is”R,”  and it’s not suitable for children as there may be scenes of bloody violence, strong sexual content, and harsh language.

Ben Affleck was directing Live By Night, released in 2016 when he was called on to work with David Flincher. He postponed his film to focus on Gone Girl with David Flincher instead because he knew it was such a compelling storyline. Gone Girl was scripted by Gillian Flynn; it was based on her 2012 novel which goes by the same name.

The story is set in Missouri and follows the events surrounding the disappearance of Nick Dunne’s wife (Nick Dunne is acted by Ben Affleck). Nick Dunne’s wife, Amy, is acted by Rosamund Pike. Other characters in the movie include Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris. Once the film was released, it racked up a whopping 369.3 million dollars at the box office.


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