Bicycle Thieves (1948)

May 22, 2022

Bicycle Thieves Official Trailer HD

The drama film Bicycle Thieves follows the story of a father and son duo in post-World War II Rome. The poor father is seen looking fervently for his stolen bicycle. It is revealed that without the bicycle, the father stands to lose his job and only source of livelihood.

Fun facts about Bicycle Thieves:

Bicycle Thieves was adapted for the screen by the famous storyteller Cesare Zavattini.

• The story was pulled from the 1946 novel by Luigi Bartolini

• Lamberto Maggiorani plays the character of the desperate father

• Enzo Staiola plays the role of the son

• The film received an Academy Honorary Award for the most outstanding foreign language film in 1950

• In 1952 the film was recognized as the greatest film of all time by the Sight & Sound magazine

• Six years later, in 1958, the film was voted the second runner up on the Brussels 12 list during the World Expo


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