Cinema Paradiso (1988)

May 21, 2022

Cinema Paradiso (1988) – Official Trailer

Today’s movie of the day is Cinema Paradiso (1988), an outstanding film about friendship.


In the Italian film Cinema Paradiso, altar boy Salvatore goes to the movie theater in search of a substitute for the father he lost to war, and he finds a projectionist, Alfredo. When a bell is rung by a priest who is seated in the Cinema Paradiso, the objectionable film is marked for censoring. Salvatore is lurking in the shadows, keeping an eye on everything. After some time, Alfredo reluctantly instructs the youngster on how to use the projector. However, he informs him that operating a machine in the dark, by himself, is not appropriate for a youngster. One night, a film reel caught fire, completely destroying the theater and wounding Alfredo. Salvatore is in charge of the projector when the Nuevo Cinema Paradiso first opens its doors. The audience erupts in applause as they see on-screen kissing for the first time, free of censorship. Salvatore has a comfortable existence, but Alfredo’s remarks stick with him until he decides to pursue a movie career. Salvatore gets a mentor, while Alfredo gets a surrogate son.

Fun facts

  • The scriptwriters are Giuseppe Tornatore and Vanna Paoli.
  • Giuseppe Tornatore directed the film.
  • The director’s childhood experiences inspired the film in Bagheria, Sicily.
  • The film was filmed in Giuseppe Tornatore’s birthplace, Bagheria, Sicily.
  • In 2018, a poll of critics by the BBC put Cinema Paradiso at number 26 among non-English-speaking films.
  • Cinema Paradiso is among Letterbox’s Official Top 250 Narrative Feature Films.
  • Cinema Paradiso is rated as the second-best Italian film of all time. In addition, number 6 on the best comedy film list, number 26 on the best drama film list, and number 36 on the best films ever made.
  • Due to low box office results in Italy, it was reduced from 155 minutes to 124 minutes for global release.
  • Cinema Paradiso was rated R for some sexuality.


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