High Noon (1952)

May 10, 2022

High Noon (1952) Official Trailer – Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly Movie HD

Today’s movie of the day is a powerful western genre—High Noon produced in 1952 and directed by Fred Zinnemann. At the time, the movie was deemed quite radical as it broke many traditions. Thanks to Gary Cooper and the other cast’s exceptional performance the movie bagged multiple Academy awards.

The exceptional film was released at the peak of the Cold war and revolved around Kane, a Hadleyville New Mexico Marshal, who had just retired and married a Pacifist Amy Fowler. While preparing to leave town and start a quiet marriage life, he learns a hardened criminal—Frank Miller who he had put away and was to be hanged had just been pardoned.

Kane discovers also that Frank had sworn revenge against him blaming him for ruining his life. The Marshal was put at a crossroads to be either loyal to his pacifist wife or uphold his sense of duty as a lawman. Kane chooses the latter, but when he seeks help to bring Frank to justice from the locals, the towns’ people he dedicated his life to serving turned their back on him.

Harvey Pell who was the former Marshal tried to convince Kane to leave town, but the hot-headed young lawman decided to face Frank and his goons alone. The movie ended with bloodshed with Kane killing Frank and two of his cronies while his wife gunned down one of the criminals. In the process, the young marshal sustained a bullet wound.

This western genre is among the films with a very high rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This owes to the fact that the director broke many traditions at the time the movie was produced. The boldness of Zinnemann facilitated the movie to stay relevant for many years.


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