Finding Nemo

May 1, 2022

Today’s movie of the day is the 2003 classic “Finding Nemo,” an animated film that received an almost perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. Praised by Robert Ebert, who gave the film four out of five stars, “Finding Nemo” received critical acclaim and has remained a favorite of children, parents, and moviegoers of all ages.

This movie centers around Nemo, the only son of overprotective parents who just so happen to be clownfish. Due to the stunted right fin he was born with, Nemo easily identifies with his new friend Dory, a fish who just so happens to have a memory problem. The story takes viewers on an exciting journey as Nemo’s father searches for him. The audience cheers Nemo on as he learns to take care of himself while developing a friendship with Dory. Through various settings, including a fish tank in a dentist’s office, Nemo fights to survive while also making a wide variety of new friends. Nemo and Dory become friends with the sharks who have made a decision to abstain from eating fish, and there is an overall feeling of everyone learning from their circumstances.

“Finding Nemo” is the best-selling DVD of all time. It also was, at one time, the highest-grossing G-rated film of all time. The American Film Institute, in 2008, named it the 10th greatest animated film ever made. “Finding Nemo” earned a total of $871 million worldwide and continues to be a popular Pixar film. Its sequel was released in 2016


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