Good Will Hunting (1997)

April 29, 2022

Good Will Hunting (1997) Facts

  • The film was a huge success, earning over $225 million globally
  • In 1997, it was ranked as the 7th most lucrative film of that year
  • Won two Academy Awards (Best Supporting Actor for Robin Williams and Best Original Screenplay for Affleck and Damon)

Being able to appreciate a true genius and still fall short of it can be heartbreaking. A person might spend their life in class, studying to be a mathematician, and helplessly watch as a dropout, a janitor, scribble down answers to the questions that baffle the Professor. What is more heartbreaking is that genius doesn’t recognize itself, and that is the baffling issue in the movie “Good Will Hunting,” a movie involving a working-class child from Boston.

The movie stars Will Hunting working as a janitor at MIT. He likes hanging around and partying in the old neighborhood. He has a photographic memory and reads content from all over the library. Lambeau, a professor, offers a prize to whoever will solve a complex problem presented. The following morning, the answer is scribbled on the blackboard with nobody claiming credit.

Several days later, the Professor catches Will at the blackboard and quickly realizes that he must have authored the answer. The Professor wants to help the mathematical genius get into school or collaborate with him. Before that happens, Will and a group of his friends beat up a guy in the old neighborhood. Unfortunately, the mathematical genius also beats some cops and is jailed.Good Will Hunting is a film about how Will’s life edges towards self-destruction, and how Lambeau, Sean Maguire, Skylar, and Chuckle try to help him back. The Professor promises to get Will counseling and help and gets probation for the kid. Sean Maguire is a gifted counselor who tries to help Will. Chuckie informs Will that he’s sitting on a lottery-winning ticket, and it would be an insult to them if he were still at the same point in the next 20 years. Class pride partly informs Will’s reluctance to embrace the chance at MIT. He’ll betray his buddies and is also partly bound to the old psychic wounds. Maguire can only help Will after breaking through the scars and sharing some of his experiences.


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