Aliens (1986)

April 20, 2022

Today’s movie is 1986’s Aliens, involving Ellen Ripley in stasis for 57 years. The Nostromo was destroyed as Ripley escaped from an alien creature that slaughtered her crew, leaving her the lone survivor. She narrates claims of alien eggs in a derelict ship, but everyone is skeptical since there was no evidence of the creatures’ existence. The extreme skepticism resulted in her losing her spaceflight license. Riley later discovered that the LV-426 was now a site for a terraforming colony calling for a new expedition. Weyland-Yutani representative and Colonial Marine Lieutenant embark on the new journey with Ellen Riley to smoke out the aliens by nuking them from out of space.

Carter Burke, Weyland-Yutani representative, and Lieutenant Gorman from the colonial marines convinced Riley to accompany them after some resistance from her. During their expedition, they come across an abandoned colony bearing two living Xenomorph facehuggers in containment tanks and Newt, a young, traumatized girl. With further investigations, the Marines discover cocooned colonists for the aliens’ offspring. Later on, an infant alien is killed by the Marines, getting the attention of the adult aliens. The aliens ambush and kill most of the Marines, making Gorman panic and Ripley assume command. As the killing of the Marines proceeds, Hicks orders the rescue of survivors by a dropship which crashes after the aliens kill the pilot. The survivors end up barricading themselves inside one of the colonies.

The story gets interesting when Ripley realizes that Burke intended to profit from the expedition through biological weapon research. Burke set free two facehuggers to impregnate Ripley and Newt so that he would smuggle the embryos to earth. Unfortunately, the aliens attack the ceiling and kill Burke and Hudson while injuring Hicks. Newt is captured during the process, and Ripley embarks on her rescue journey, where she meets the alien, Queen. She fights the Queen using an exosuit cargo loader, expelling it through space. In the end, Ripley, Newt, and Hicks go into hypersleep in preparation for their trip back to earth.


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